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WM – Stocks Signals Video for Potential Long Swing Trade

By | 18 July, 2018 |

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  1. Raymond Schilcher says:

    This would be for TOS. On the lower screen, the Elliot Oscillator…does the software automatically describe the 140/90 zone or do we have to manually plot the fib extensions? Also, does the software automatically print the R:R lines and the projected profit zone?

    • admin says:

      Hi Raymond, On all the platforms we develop our elliott wave indicator suite, the 90/140 and the Risk to Reward has to be done by the user. But we cover this many times in the 4 hour training bootcamp that accompanies the purchase of the Indicator suite and aso keep teaching in our live monthly support webinars. The Profit Zone is however automaticaaly plotted, along with probability pull back zones and wave count. Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards


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